About Me

I want to love you with a simple
With words that were not spoken wood
To fire the ashes menjadikanya

I want to love you with a simple
… With the cues that were not submitted cloud
To the rain that menjadikanya no

You … is the only reason why I can not love another.

I want you … without the words that stalled in the gap.

To follow the path:
look at the expert
follow the expert
walk with the experts
identify the expert
Be the expert

Positive Thinking relieve critical power due to excessive drift solace.
Eliminate excessive negative thinking spirit of struggle in despair.
It should be a balance between them so as not to fall asleep and not too desperate.

“People grow old is not due to increasing age, but because he gave up and said goodbye to his ideals. He does not get old because of wrinkled skin, but because his soul apprehended. You will be young as young as your beliefs, and you will be old as old doubts. You will youth as young as your hope, and you will be old as old as keputusasaanmu.
So far as beauty, joy, greatness of the world, man and God creeping your heart, you will stay young forever. And when you want something, the entire universe unite to help achieve it. ”

Which do you think is more difficult, what say thank you to apologize?
Make me the hell are difficult say thank you, thank you for the slightest thing, like to thank means people appreciate what I had done for us, we sometimes wanted to be respected, but sometimes we forget to appreciate people.
Lesson not everyone can dapatin, lessons about life, sometimes we do not ever nyadar lessons we can from the people who is around us, this is a big mission I was, trying to be sensitive around the same time, absorb all that is good and can I jadiin lesson, how not to underestimate people, realize something beautiful do not always lead to beautiful and learn how to appreciate and grateful.

“Live as you please, but remember!, Someday you will die. Love whoever you like, but remember, you will leave him. Did according as you please, but remember, you will get a penalty to account for it!.”

“Verily, liver damage was caused six things:

1. “Deliberately sinned under the pretext of a time will repent.”
2. “Calls for science, but do not practice it.”
3. ‘Practice something without sincerity. ”
4. “Eating Rezeki from Allah, but do not thank him.”
5. “Not willing to what has been given by God Almighty.”
6. “Driving the corpse to the grave, but do not want to take lessons from him.” (Al-Imam Hasan Al-Basri)


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