To Infinitive

 To make mistakes is easy.
 It is easy to make mistakes.
 (For me) to do that is impossible.
 To do that is impossible (for me).
 It is (im)possible (for me / you / him / her / us / them) to do that.
 It is (un)likely (for them) to postpone the meeting.
 It is (un)necessary (for us) to create web pages for a personal website.
 It took him ten months to conduct such research.
 It takes me ten minutes to get to (my) work.
 It will take you ten hours to get there.
 It takes time to write programs in high-level languages.

 Their ambition is to obtain good jobs.
 The role of the operating system is to communicate directly with the hardware.
 One of the key functions of the operating system is to establish a user interface.
 One of the important functions of the computer is to process large amounts of data quickly.

 I want to upgrade my computer.
 You seem to be enjoying the film.
 The survey appears to have revealed some interesting facts.
 He seems to be happy.
 She wants to be a systems analyst.
 They promised to be here at six o’clock.
 He happened to be out when I called him.
 She tends to talk too much.
 How old were you when you learned to operate a computer?
 He agreed to lend me Rp1000000.
 She refused to comment on his involvement.
 He forgot to bring me the PC magazine.
 I always remember to back up important files.
 There were a lot of traffic-jams this morning, but we managed to get to (my) work on time.
 The operating system failed to boot although she had tried to start up the computer several times.
 He is lazy. He needs to work harder.
 If you want to link your PC with a mainframe, you will need to install a network.
 We are planning to install LAN (Local Area Network).
 They would like to see the manager.
 Quite few of the companies can afford to purchase a mainframe.
 I never thought to see you here.
 I prefer not to start early.
 I tried to get in touch with the manager this morning, but I missed him again.
 My cheap PC seems to be (just) as good as John’s expensive one.
 The professional programmer wants to create and sell a program for use in language learning.

 She asked me to fix her PC.
 They advised me to accept the offer of the job.
 The Help facility enables users to get advice on most problems.
 Windows allows you to display two different folders at the same time.
 Voice recognition software helps disabled users (to) access computers.
 The college lecturer wanted his students to learn the principles of programming.
 They would like us to co-operate with them.

 We are very sorry not to be able to give you a definite reply in respect of the matter.
 He was surprised to learn how much he had spent.

 Do you think he is good enough to become our manager?
 This question is too difficult (for me) to answer.

 I have a lot of work to do.
 We have some important business to take care of.
 All user requests to access a database are handled by the database management system.
 I don’t have the courage to ask my employer for a raise in pay.
 The power to help others depends on the power to help oneself.
 The next question to consider (to be considered) was the crucial one.
 I need a box to hold my CDs.
 I don’t have enough money to buy a notebook computer.

 They went to Bandung to do business.
 He came to Surabaya to look for a job.
 He uploaded a website to advertise his travel company.
 He moved to Jakarta (in order / so as) to have a better opportunity to find a good position.
 She subscribes to many different PC magazines and reads them all to keep up with the development of computer technology.

 The problem is where to get the money.
 He consulted his stockbroker on how to invest his money.
 The computer operator showed me how to insert graphics into a document.
 The office manager will explain to the new secretary where to work and what to do.

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