Research on the Internet

Finding information on the World Wide Web needs an Internet search engine such as Google, Alta Vista or Excite. Search engines have a text box where you type in keyword or words. A search engine is a software program that reads the keywords in the text box and searches the Internet for Web pages, websites and other Internet files that use them. These documents are shown on the computer screen in a results listing.

When carrying out searches, you should usually be specific and brief in your choice of words. If the keyword is too general, or includes too many different meanings, the results listing may not be useful. Different search engines categorize information in different ways, which changes the way they store and retrieve it

Using upper case letters (capital letters) in a keyword search will only retrieve documents that use upper case. Typing in lower case (no capitals) is usually better because search engines will retrieve documents that use both upper case and lower case letters.

You can narrow a search using logical operators such as AND, OR and NOT. AND retrieve all the words typed in the text box, OR retrieves either of the words and NOT exclude words. Spelling is important when typing in keywords, but a search engine will not usually read punctuation, prepositions and articles

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