Headset security model

As shown in Figure 1, Bluetooth profiles, the “Headset Profile” depends on
both the “Serial Port Profile “and the “Generic Access Profile”. The “Serial
Port Profile” provides RS-232 serial cable emulation for Bluetooth wireless
devices. The “Generic Access Profile” (GAP) [1] describes several security
aspects of Bluetooth wireless connections. Since the Headset Profile inherits
characteristics from the GAP, these aspects also apply to the “Headset
A typical headset configuration consists of two devices, a Headset (HS) and
an Audio Gateway (AG) as shown in Figure 2. The AG is typically a cellular
phone, laptop, PC, or any other type of audio player device, such as a radio,
CD player, etc. For reasons, which include personal privacy and preventing
infringement on others, it is recommended that communication between the
HS and AG be protected by the Bluetooth Baseband [1] authentication and
encryption mechanisms. How and when these mechanisms should be used is
determined by policy rules, which may be preset or configurable by the end
user. In order to set up secure connections, the HS and AG need to store the
necessary Bluetooth passkeys and link keys.

Since the HS will normally not have a user interface, it is appropriate to
assume that an external device, such as the AG, may control some of the
basic settings of the HS (volume, list of approved (e.g., owned or shared)
devices to be connected, respective Bluetooth passkey values, etc.). Apart
from the pure authentication, encryption and key storage functions, the HS
and AG entities need to use an access policy to provide, for example, for
audio connections and for the remote control of the HS.

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