CorelWorld = Great Time!

This was the 18th year of the CorelWorld
Conference (June 24-27 in San Diego)
hosted by author and CorelDRAW® expert
Rick Altman and his family. But it was my
first time in attendance, and I have to say
it was a terrific experience!
Those of you who have attended earlier
events know what I mean. Everyone
is welcomed graciously and made to feel
like they’re part of one large family of
CorelDRAW users. It’s a great feeling to
talk with trainers and people with a wide
variety of uses.

We met a marketing director for a
plastics company, a ceramic artist, several
sign-makers, a graphic designer for
Motorola, a detective from the Ontario
(Canada) Provincial Police, the supervisor
from the Boise State University sign shop,
a senior industrial designer from Advanced
Energy, the graphic designer for the Utah
Transit Authority, the vice president of
Grindstone Graphics, the graphic artist for
the University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Dentistry, and lots more.
We’re pleased to welcome many new
subscribers to CorelDRAWPro, and we
look forward to including more stories
and artwork that speaks directly to your
We learned many great tips in the
sessions we attended, and we had a
good turnout for the abbreviated Making
Money with CorelDRAW® presentation
that John & Judy McDaniel made on
the night of June 25. There was a keen
interest in the many products that were
displayed on tables around the room, and
in the expansion ideas described. Roland
DGA also staffed a crowded Output Center
throughout the conference.
We would like to thank Rick Altman
and his staff for producing a first-class
event, one that outshines every other
event I’ve attended in 25 years in this
industry! Congratulations! We look forward
to the 19th version of CorelWorld!
In this issue
We have two new columns in this
issue – one on Niche Markets for Lasers
by Errol Barr, and a guest column on
Making Watch Dials with CorelDRAW by
Dennis Brooker. We also start a new series
on Stage Carving by Judy McDaniel. Don’t
miss two new columns by Louie Alvarez
– one on MarbleArt creation, and the
Electronics Frontier feature on VOIP
– Voice Over Internet Phone.
We continue our series on 2-color
screenprinting, and choosing an engraving
machine. Donna Gray discusses
communication in a business, Deborah
Sexton identifies new promotions products
released at a recent show. And of course,
you’ll find some excellent Traveling Tidbits
from Otis Veteto.
Dive in, and be sure to use the Info
Request card or direct links to visit our

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